Women in Road Safety Network (WiRSN)

After the success of the Career Pathways for Women in Road Safety project, the Australasian College of Road Safety has decided to create a permanent Women in Road Safety Network (WiRSN).

What is the Women in Road Safety Network?

The Women in Road Safety Network (WiRSN) is one of the Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) Networks that is dedicated to empower, advocate, and support women in road safety. The road safety sector has been male-dominated, and women have faced challenges related to under-representation. Gender bias, both explicit and implicit, can affect hiring decisions, networking, promotions, and opportunities for career advancement. Addressing these biases and promoting diversity and inclusion can help mitigate these challenges. Our focus is to provide opportunities for women (and female-identifying) members to connect and network within government, industry, and academia. The WiRSN welcomes ACRS members who would like to support the Network.

The WiRSN provides opportunities to connect and network with road safety professionals to share and collaborate on ideas, to learn about new career pathways or career advancements, webinars and pre-conference workshops, and to celebrate successes and share journeys in road safety.

The scope of WiRSN is to:

  • Establish a connected network of women in road safety;
  • Provide opportunities to learn and network from one another via presentations, webinars, and other events organised by the WIRSN;
  • Empower women in road safety via advocating for change;
  • Support women in advancing their career in road safety; and
  • Provide a voice for women.

How do I join the Women in Road Safety Network?

I am a member of the ACRS

Members can log into the ACRS website and edit your Profile – scroll down until you find the question ‘Would you like to join the WiRSN?’ and select ‘Yes’. Once added, you will receive all WiRSN communications and be eligible to attend any WiRSN event. You can view a PDF of more detailed instructions here.

I am not a member of the ACRS

To take part in the WiRSN you must be either an Individual or Corporate Member of the ACRS. You can learn about the differences in membership here or contact admin@acrs.org.au for more information.

Meet the Women in Road Safety Network Committee

Dr Oleksandra Molloy


Kathryn Collier

Deputy Chair

Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan

Events Coordinator

Dr Tasha Prabhakar


Tracey Norberg

Committee Member

Nicola Hopman

Committee Member

A/Prof Sjaan Koppel

Committee Member

Philippa Robertson

Committee Member

Annie Peoples

Committee Member

Hanna Watling

Committee Member

Lisa Wundersitz

Committee Member

Renata Gomez

Committee Member

Teresa Williams

Committee Member

Women in Road Safety Network Events Calendar

The WiRSN will cover topics such as leadership, professional development, skills development, career journeys, and any other areas of interest to women (and female-identifying) members that may reflect the nature of their work and operating environment in the area of road safety.

8 March 2024Launch of the WiRSN: International Women's Day Event
June 2024Webinar
September 2024Pre-Conference Workshop
December 2024Roundtable

If you would like to speak or know someone who would be willing to speak at our events, or if you have an idea for a focus topic you’d like to be discussed – we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via wirsn@acrs.org.au.