Road Safety is an emerging and fast-growing industry in Australia. It is a trans-disciplinary field that blends the skills and expertise of a wide variety of people from all sectors.

Road safety involves designing a system to allow people movement from place to place safely. This includes understanding how, when and why people move around, designing and building roads for communities, developing safer materials, providing safe affordable and accessible transport options, the education of communities and children on safer behaviours in transit, understanding human behaviours when in transit, advocacy, policy development, data analysis, and more.

Road Safety Job Board

The ACRS Job Board brings opportunities from all areas of road safety to one place. Submitting your job vacancy will ensure it’s seen by hundreds of road safety professionals and practitioners across Australia and worldwide, both on the website and in our Weekly Alert sent to all members every Thursday.

Career Pathways for Women in Road Safety Project

Some key results from the WiRS Project include:

  • People drawn to a position in road safety tend to have prior work experience of three or more years (79%).
  • Two out of three participants started their road safety career over the age of 41 (mid to late career).
  • Retention of participants in road safety is high with 60% staying in the industry for five or more years.
  • Most participants have an inherent passion or interest in road safety (87%), and 96% believe they are contributing to a better and safer environment.
  • Most participants feel that road safety offers a work/life balance (79%) and provides job security (71%).
  • The cost in time and resources to become a road safety professional is not perceived as a barrier (67%), neither is the cost of ongoing accreditation (70%).
    Learn more about the results from the WiRS Project here.

Road Safety Career Videos

These videos are part of a series made by the ACRS as part of the Career Pathways for Women in Road Safety. This project was funded by the National Career Institute’s (NCI) Partnership Grants program. We would like to thank all the people working in road safety for volunteering their valuable time to this worthy project.
Watch the Road Safety Career Videos here.