Local Government Network (LGN)

What is the Local Government Network?

The Local Government Network (LGN) is made up of ACRS members who want to focus on road safety at the local government level. Click here to download the Local Government Prospectus for more information.

Whilst most of the Network members are local government road safety practitioners, ‘passenger’ members from peak insurance bodies, universities, federal and state government road safety and transport agencies, road owners, emergency service providers, research organisations, road safety equipment providers, transport planning, engineering, technology, and logistics organisations can also join the Network to support the road safety work of local governments.

The LGN provides exceptional opportunities to connect with progressive road safety professionals, practitioners, and stakeholders. It’s a place to celebrate and share the successes you’ve had, collaborate on ideas, and seek help for issues you are experiencing.

The Local Government Network will allow members to:

  • Hear about what councils from across Australasia are doing in relation to road safety.
  • Discuss what works and what doesn’t in relation to local road safety initiatives.
  • Connect with like-minded professionals, practitioners, and stakeholders.
  • Share ideas and resources in online meetings and webinars.
  • Attend pre-conference workshops and networking events.

It’s the local government home for all things road safety.

How do I join the Local Government Network?

I am a member of the ACRS

Members can log into the ACRS website and edit your Profile – scroll down until you find the question ‘Would you like to join the LGN?’ and select ‘Yes’. Once added, you will receive all LGN communications and be eligible to attend any LGN event. You can view a PDF of more detailed instructions here.

I am not a member of the ACRS

To take part in the LGN you must be either an Individual or Corporate Member of the ACRS. You can learn about the differences in membership here or contact admin@acrs.org.au for more information.

Meet the Local Government Network Committee

Melanie Suitor


Kate McDougall

Deputy Chair

Jaqueline Haupt


Philip Taylor

Committee Member

David McTiernan

Committee Member

Jeanine Foster

Committee Member

Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan

Committee Member

Katherine Celenza

Committee Member

Adam Mularczyk

Committee Member

Brett Williams

Committee Member

Local Government Network Events Calendar

Roundtable meetings are available for free to all LGN members. Some roundtables will focus on a topic and participants will be split into discipline specific breakout groups to network, collaborate, and share their experiences. Other roundtables will be open mic sessions where members can ask the LGN for advice on issues they are facing.

Webinars are free for all ACRS members and there will be a $20 fee for non-members. Click here to learn about becoming an ACRS member.

There will also be a pre-conference workshop that will feature discipline case studies, a recap of the roundtable meetings, and discussions about Local Government road safety wins and challenges.

In most cases, these events are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month at 2pm AEST. 

The program is as follows:

14 February 2024Information SessionARSC 2024 - Are you ready to submit?
13 March 2024WebinarSpeed Management for Safety
10 April 2024RoundtableDeep Dive
8 May 2024RoundtableOpen Mic
12 June 2024WebinarTBC
10 July 2024RoundtableDeep Dive
14 August 2024RoundtableOpen Mic
11 September 2024TBCTBC
October 2024ARSC WorkshopPre-Conference Workshop
13 November 2024TBCTBC
11 December 2024RoundtableYear in Review

If you have an idea for a focus topic or a case study you’d like to share – we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Chair Melanie Suitor on Melanie.Suitor@parkes.nsw.gov.au or 0428 400 627.

Upcoming events

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LGN Showcase Webinar

Come along to the LGN's July Showcase Webinar to hear three road safety case studies from local government practitioners.