Local Government Network

The Australasian College of Road Safety is launching a new network for Local Government Road Safety Practitioners. It kicked off with an inaugural webinar exploring and celebrating road safety strategic planning.

The network will allow members to:

  • Hear about what councils from across the country are doing in relation to road safety.
  • Discuss what works and what doesn’t in relation to local road safety initiatives.
  • Explore how different councils approach road safety.
  • Connect with like-minded professionals.
  • Share ideas and resources.
  • Hold more webinars on topics of interest.

The Local Government Network (LGN) is made of up members of ACRS who want to be part of the road safety community that is focusing on road safety at the Local Government level.

Whilst most of the network members are local government road safety practitioners, ‘passenger’ members from peak insurance bodies, universities, Federal and State Government road safety and transport agencies, road owners, emergency service providers, research organisations, road safety equipment providers, transport planning, engineering, technology, and logistics organisations can also join the network to support the road safety work of Local Governments.

The LGN provides exceptional opportunities to connect with progressive road safety professionals, practitioners and stakeholders. It’s a place to celebrate and share the successes you’ve had, collaborate on ideas and seek help for issues you are experiencing.

It’s the local government home for all things road safety.


  • Monthly meetings (free for members, small fee for non-members) – a place to connect with road safety professionals, practitioners, and stakeholders.
  • Webinars (free for members, small fee for non-members) – immerse yourself in our online presentations that focus on the topics that impact and benefit Local Governments.
  • Conference Workshops & Networking (free for members, small fee for non-members)

Melanie Suitor


Kate McDougall

Deputy Chair

Jaqueline Haupt


Philip Taylor

Lex Stokes

Committee Member

David McTiernan