ACRS Chapter/Network Payment Form

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Chapters and Networks may need to make payments out of their allocated funding for activities such as event catering or venue hire. To assist the ACRS Office in ensuring payments are made quickly, please use this form to request payments or reimbursements.

Payment vs Reimbursement

If the Chapter/Network needs to make a payment in advance (e.g. organising catering from a company), they can use this form to request that the ACRS Office pay for the attached invoices using Chapter/Network funds.

If the Chapter/Network needs to make a payment urgently (e.g. purchasing last-minute catering from a convenience store), they can make the payment themselves and use this form later to submit a reimbursement request including their bank details.

What happens when I submit this form?

Once you submit this form our Finance Manager will be notified of the request and an email will be sent to the nominated Approver. The Approver (the Chapter/Network Chair, or Treasurer where the Chair is making a reimbursement request) must respond to this email with their approval.

Once the Finance Manager receives approval for the request the payment or reimbursement will be made on the following Thursday morning. If invoices require more urgent payment, please advise this when submitting the form.

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