LGN Speed Management Open Mic – Summary

On Wednesday 9 August 2023, the ACRS Local Government Network hosted its second online Open Mic session which allowed attendees to seek feedback and ideas from other Network members a range of local government related questions. The platform allows for questions to be submitted for consideration by attendees when registering for the session, as well as time for the group to consider other questions that arise during the discussion.

Topics covered a range of local government issues including:

  • How councils collect and record details of ‘near miss’ road safety incidents and other unreported crashes
  • Case examples of councils undertaking practical solutions to road safety problems on local roads
  • Proactive collaboration between councils and local schools to improve safety
  • Councils that have already undertaken or are considering the development of Network Safety Plans
  • Discussing how councils discuss road safety in a safe system process for development applications across different internal departments
  • How councils engage with taxis and bus operators
  • Seeking feedback from councils on speed management and driver training for young drivers
  • Examples of targeted programs for Indigenous traffic offenders
  • How councils engage with their communities each year during National Road Safety Week

The Local Government Network continues to provide a great platform for practitioners to discuss current issues with colleagues and to create new networks across Australia and New Zealand. If you are not member and would like to learn more about the ACRS Local Government Network, click here. For non-members who pay the $20 webinar attendance fee, you now have the opportunity to have this amount discounted from a membership fee should you join the ACRS within two weeks of the event!

Our remaining meetings for 2023 are:

  • 18 September – Pre-Conference Workshop at the ARSC2023 in Cairns (in-person only)
  • 11 October – Webinar on the Local Government Road Safety Award Winners
  • 8 November – Open Mic session
  • 13 December – Roundtable to provide feedback on the LGN and discuss topics for 2024