Road Trauma Rising – ACRS presents the way forward

ACRS President, Lauchlan McIntosh, today released the 2017 ACRS Submission to Federal Parliamentarians – The way forward to reduce road trauma. 

This Submission outlines Australia’s stalled progress against National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 targets for death and injury reduction, the multi-portfolio impacts of road trauma across the spectrum of federal departments, and presents comprehensive recommendations on the way forward to reduce road trauma.

“I’d like to thank our supporters, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Carers Australia, and the Australian Automobile Association as peak representative bodies joining with us to emphasise the extreme importance of the issue of road trauma across our entire society,” said Mr McIntosh.  

“In combination, our supporting organisations represent around 10 million Australians – that’s 10 million of our citizens urging our elected federal representatives to unanimously reject the current increasing rate of road death and injury.”  

“Road trauma has insidiously pervaded our society to such an extent that there now seems so to be an acceptance that this huge and growing burden of 25 deaths and 700 hospitalised injuries every week is the price we must pay for our mobility. This is just not the case.”

“The College brings together global and national expertise across the full spectrum of road safety, and our best minds have come together to develop and support our Submission where we outline recommendations to expedite trauma reductions.”

The Submission outlines 4 key recommendations underpinning future road trauma reductions, and calls for unanimous support across the political spectrum to reject the rise in deaths and hospitalised injuries.

Read the 2017 ACRS Submission to Federal Parliamentarians here