Road Safety is a Life-or-Death Priority

During Australia’s National Road Safety Week and the last days leading up to the Australian Federal Election, the Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) calls on all Australians to understand the true impact of road trauma.

Every day 3 people lose their lives and 110 people are seriously injured on Australia’s roads. That is an average of 1,200 fatalities and 44,000 often life-changing injuries each year.

“Road Safety is a life-or-death priority. Road trauma kills more Australian kids under 15 than any other single cause, and it is the second-biggest killer of Australians between 15-24. We can do better, and we must.” ACRS CEO, Dr Ingrid Johnston explained.

“We call on the next Australian Government to put the lives of all Australians at the forefront by identifying road safety as a major priority.” Dr Johnston continued.

The ACRS Federal Election Platform calls on the next Australian Government to prioritise the lives of Australians through increased focus on road safety.

Specifically, the Election Platform identifies 8 key measures that would support the goal of ‘Vision Zero’ – the elimination of deaths and serious injuries on our roads by 2050 – a goal agreed to by Australian Federal, State and Territory governments in the 2021-2030 National Road Safety Strategy.

The 8 key measures are to:

  1. Ensure all new roads are designed for useability and managed to 3 safety stars or better for all road users
  2. Publish State and Territory road infrastructure safety star ratings or equivalent
  3. Link Commonwealth Road infrastructure funding to safety outcomes for all road users
  4. Commit to a properly resourced and mandated Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety
  5. Give the Australian Transport Safety Bureau the powers to investigate road crashes
  6. Keep up with European vehicle safety standards, timeliness and scope
  7. Recognise the links between climate change and road safety
  8. Improve road safety to combat poverty in neighbouring countries

“It is never acceptable for people to be killed or seriously injured due to road trauma. We call on the next Australian Government to acknowledge the true impact of road trauma and make the commitments needed to achieve ‘Vision Zero’.” Dr Johnston concluded.