Forum Guidelines

The Australasian College of Road Safety is pleased to offer a discussion forum for ACRS members. The forum is a place where members can interact and have discussions about different topics relevant to road safety. We rely on all forum members to help keep these discussion forums a safe place for people to share and view information. To do this, we request that all members comply with the Membership Policy and the following rules when contributing to the discussion forums: 

  • Be courteous and respectful. Appreciate that others may have an opinion different from yours. 
  • Share your knowledge. Don’t hold back in sharing your knowledge – it’s likely someone will find it useful or interesting. When you give information, provide your sources. 
  • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour and speech. 

We maintain the rights to remove posts and threads to ensure that material posted in the discussion forums is not potentially harmful. For this reason, we may edit or remove any post that: 

  • Contains material that is offensive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, derogatory, disrespectful, fraudulent, infringing, or unlawful.
  • Contains material that is misleading, erroneous, or disparaging of the actions and decisions of others. 
  • Contains material that is deliberately disruptive (i.e., trolling).
  • Contains swearing or offensive language or is nonsensical and/or irrelevant.
  • Promotes personal beliefs in a way that is disrespectful of the choices of others.
  • Is racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit or suggestive, abusive, or otherwise discriminatory or objectionable.
  • Includes commercial or advertising material, including advertising job positions or non-ACRS events. 
  • Includes any material or encourages any conduct that would constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability.
  • Does not respect the privacy of others.
  • Does not focus on road safety.

Our policies and guidelines are enforced by administrators and moderators, and at their discretion, they may remove posts that do not comply with these guidelines without warning. If you breach these guidelines we may, at our sole discretion:  

  • Edit or remove any material you have submitted. 
  • Suspend or revoke your ACRS membership. 
  • Take any other action, including legal action, which we consider to be appropriate. 

Breach of the forum rules should be reported by sending screenshots of the breach via email to