Donate to the ACRS

Unlocking Safer Roads: Your Support Matters

By choosing to support the ACRS mission through a donation, you become an essential part of a community dedicated to reducing road trauma, promoting responsible driving behaviors, and ultimately saving lives. Here are some compelling reasons to contribute to the Australasian College of Road Safety:

  1. Lifesaving Impact: Your donation directly contributes to initiatives and programs aimed at reducing road trauma and fatalities. By supporting research, education, and advocacy, you play a crucial role in making roads safer for drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.
  2. Community Education: Education is a key component of road safety. Your support enables us to create and host events and webinars that explain safe driving practices, the dangers of distracted driving, and the importance of the Safe System model. Empowering individuals with knowledge is a fundamental step toward creating a culture of safety on our roads.
  3. Advocacy for Policy Change: We actively advocate for evidence-based policies that enhance road safety. By contributing to our cause, you amplify our collective voice, urging policymakers to prioritise and implement measures that save lives. Your support helps us work towards a future where road safety is a top priority for communities and governments.
  4. Professional Development: The Australasian College of Road Safety is committed to fostering excellence in the field. Your donation supports our ongoing efforts to provide professional development opportunities for experts in road safety, ensuring that our community is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to address the evolving challenges on our roads.

Your support matters, and together, we can make significant strides towards a future where road trauma is a thing of the past, and our communities thrive in a culture of safety. Join us in building a safer tomorrow—donate to the Australasian College of Road Safety today.

How can I donate to the ACRS?

Bank transfer:

An easy way to donate to the ACRS is by direct transfer to our bank account:

Bank: Bendigo Bank
BSB 633 000
ACC: 157 497 900
Please use the reference ‘ACRS Donation [Your Name]’ when transferring funds so we can reconcile this correctly.

Bequeath to the ACRS:

Types of bequests:

  • Percentage bequest: A percentage bequest lets you allocate certain percentages of the proceeds from your estate to specific people. This eliminates the problem of estimating asset value, inflation, and damage to property. If the value of your estate changes, for example, you can still ensure your beneficiaries each receive a fair amount.
  • Residual bequest: This type of bequest lets you leave a gift for whatever is left of your estate after all your other bequests are fulfilled. For example, you can nominate a given residual amount of your estate to be distributed to non-profits of your choice. Like percentage bequests, this type of gift is calculated from the value of your estate after debts, costs, liabilities, tax, and other costs have been paid.
  • Specific and pecuniary bequests: This is a straightforward way to bequest specific assets to beneficiaries such as shares, cash, jewellery and art. You can also specify a given amount of money to be given to particular beneficiaries.
  • A Life Interest: This type of bequest lets you leave a property or interest on a capital sum invested to a loved one to use during their lifetime, which will then pass onto another beneficiary after this who you’ve nominated in your will.