Average speed cameras in NSW: It’s time

The Australasian College of Road Safety, Australia’s peak membership association for road safety professionals, welcomes the summary report from the NSW Road Safety Forum released last week, but is disappointed in the lack of strong action. The summary report shows there was clear support for using Average Speed Cameras across NSW for all vehicles, not just heavy vehicles. But rather than listening to that call, the NSW Government has responded with committing only to ‘evaluate the benefits and challenges of expanding average speed camera enforcement to include light vehicles.’

“This information is already well known, and the benefits of average speed cameras are well proven” ACRS CEO Dr Ingrid Johnston said.

“Already this year in NSW, 111 people have been killed on our roads, which is 11 more than this time last year, which we know was a horror year on our roads. It’s getting even worse. We simply can’t afford to waste time investigating clearly proven measures. It’s time for real action” stated NSW Co-Chair Michael Timms.