2023 Road Safety Week – Let’s all rethink mobility

The Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) will acknowledge Road Safety Week from the 14th to 21st May, in support of those affected by road trauma and is committed in supporting the work everyone needs to do to achieve zero fatal and serious injury crashes. 

Road Safety Week is about everyone taking responsibility to rethink mobility and create a safe and sustainable transport system. Safety and accessibility must be the core focus when designing roads, vehicles, social infrastructure, and deciding on speed limits, to ensure that all road users, particularly vulnerable ones, can move about safely. We need to create safe and reliable options for cyclists and pedestrians to encourage active transport options. 

Chief Executive Officer of ACRS, Dr Ingrid Johnston said, “It is about leaders in all levels of government and industry, as well as road safety professionals and practitioners – who are integral in funding, researching, and creating a safe environment for all road users – taking responsibility and committing to Vision Zero.  

Globally, approximately 1.3 million people are killed and as many as 50 million people injured each year from road trauma injuries. In the 12 months to March 2023, 1,204 people were killed on Australian roads, and 374 on New Zealand roads. With our knowledge about road safety, why are these fatalities increasing? 

Road Safety Week is also about road users choosing to put safety and sustainability first when considering how we move about within the road environment. When possible, choose more sustainable travel options – such as cycling, walking, and public transport- in place of private vehicle use.    

The benefits to communities of delivering safer and sustainable modes of travel are far reaching with improved access to essential services, reducing traffic congestion, improving public health, promoting economic development, enhancing social inclusion, and mitigating climate change.  

Please consider everyone’s safety this upcoming Road Safety Week by supporting the United Nations Global Road Safety Week 2023, New Zealand’s Road Safety Week, or Australia’s National Road Safety Week