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Information including how to submit abstracts and papers for ARSC conferences can be found HERE


Information including how to submit abstracts and papers for the ACRS Journal can be found HERE


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ACRS conferences – background information

Note: the ACRS Conference merged with the ARSRPE conference in 2015 to create the Australasian Road Safety Conference Series which has attracted a record number of participants each year – 600+.  Please find further information about all conferences on the Australasian Road Safety Conference Website.

The Australasian College of Road Safety Conference is an annual event which provides a valuable opportunity for participants to hear about the latest developments in road safety and have discussions with leading researchers, senior policy makers and experienced practitioners. Emphasis is placed on networking, information sharing and the translation of road safety research and policy into practice.

Information about past ACRS conferences can be found as follows:

2013  – A Safe System – The Road Safety Discussion – Adelaide
2012  – A Safe System – Expanding the reach! – Sydney
2011  – A Safe System – Making it happen! – Melbourne
2009  – Road Safety 2020: Smart solutions, sustainability, vision - Perth
2008  – High Risk Road Users – Brisbane
2007  – Infants Children & Young People and Road Safety  – Sydney
2006  – Pedestrian & Cyclist  Safety – Melbourne
2005  – Driver Distraction – Sydney
2002  – Safer Drivers & Riders
1998  – Pedestrian Safety
1997  – Young Drivers
1995 – Road Safety in the Community


Copyright: Authors retain copyright of submissions presented at the Australasian College of Road Safety Conferences.  We would ask, however, that the conference is referenced wherever the published submission is posted, including online, and that there is a link to this webpage on the ACRS website.


ACRS journals – background information

The Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety Conference is an quarterly publication providing opportunities for both peer-reviewed and contributed articles to be published and circulated to the wider road safety community.  More information about the journal can be found here.