Register as a Road Safety Professional

The registration process to become an RRSP involves:

  1.  Written application;
  2.  Assessment by a panel with expertise in the same discipline as the  applicant following agreed assessment criteria;
  3.  Recommendation from the panel to the ACRS RRSP Sub-Committee;
  4.  Recommendation from that Committee to the ACRS Executive  Committee.

Applicants who fail to gain panel approval can appeal to the Executive Committee for re-appraisal.

Registered status is subject to a two yearly renewal process involving the professional providing written evidence of how the currency of their expertise has been maintained.  Applicants for the register pay an initial fee of $266 (incl. gst) for assessment for the register and an annual fee of $133 (incl. gst) to remain on the register.

These fees are in addition to the normal annual subscription for College membership.

If an application is unsuccessful, half the initial fee will be refunded.

Entrance on the register entitles the applicant to use the letters RRSP (Registered Road Safety Professional) after their name and to be listed under their specific discipline on the ’Current Road Safety Professionals’ page of the ACRS website, with the option of an electronic link to their email address or business website.

NB Please note that a single application and fee can cover multiple areas of expertise though it be exceptional to consider more than two discipline areas in an application

Code of Professional Conduct

All members of the ACRS are expected to abide by the Code of Professional Conduct 1991 of the College. In addition, the following regulations apply to members listed on the Register of Road Safety Professionals:

Registered Road Safety Professionals have the right of appeal to the ACRS Executive Committee against decisions of the ACRS RRSP Sub-Committee to de-register them.

View  Minimum Standards for the Register of Road Safety Professionals.

View the 2016 Application Form for RRSP