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Mr Martin Small (2019 - 2022)

Martin has been working in road safety since the late 1990s, holding senior positions in New Zealand and Australian governments, and now consulting in both markets and internationally.

During his time with the Government of South Australia, Martin signed up his Department as a corporate member of the College, introduced the first developing country scholarships as 2008 chair of the Annual Road Safety Conference, and delivered a long-term research commitment to the Centre for Automotive Safety Research.

He was elected onto the ACRS Executive Committee in 2016, and as a Vice President in 2018.  As President he’d like to:

  • Consolidate the progress made by the ACRS, both in terms of the organization itself and our position as a leading advocate for road safety.
  • Improve our professional development offering, and encourage greater member involvement in establishing our road safety priorities, and advocating these priorities.
  • Continue to promote open discussion and exchange of ideas and information in pursuit of the elimination of serious road trauma.

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