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Need up-to-date road toll/injury statistics for Australia/New Zealand/International regions? Bookmark your internet browser as follows…

Members may occasionally have a requirement for up-to-date road toll statistics across Australia or New Zealand. These statistics are readily available and can be found on the following sites:


Australian state-by-state statistics:

1. Australian Capital Territory (ACT Policing)
2. New South Wales (NSW Centre for Road Safety)
3. Northern Territory (NT Department of Transport)
4. Queensland (QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads)
5. South Australia (SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure)
6. Tasmania (TAS Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources)
7. Victoria (VIC Road Safety Partners)
8. Western Australia (WA Police)


Country-wide statistics:

1. Australia

2. New Zealand (New Zealand Transport Agency)


Australia and New Zealand Holiday Road Toll statistics:

1. Easter & Christmas periods – (ANZPAA)


International statistics:

1. International Road Safety Comparisons Reports (Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, BITRE)
2. International Road Traffic and Accident Database (OECD)
3. European Road Safety Observatory
4. OECD Country Reports on Road Safety Performance
5. IRF World Road Statistics


Injury publications:

1. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports, including:

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