2007 Infants, Children & Young People and Road Safety


3 August 2007, Sydney

These are the proceedings of the ACRS conference on Infants, Children and Young People and Road Safety held in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday 2 August 2007 and Friday 3 August 2007.  The conference organiser was Mr Ian Faulks.

A cd copy of these proceedings is available at a cost of $10 including postage and handling. Should you have trouble downloading any of the papers please contact faa@acrs.org.au. A free copy is available to all delegates who attended.

Sponsors and partner organisations:

The Australasian College of Road Safety acknowledges with gratitude the partners and sponsors of the conference:

NRMA Motoring & Services, STAYSAFE Committee, Motor Accidents Authority, The George Institute for International Health, Safe-n-Sound, Australian Driver Trainers Association NSW Ltd, Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

The objectives of the conference were to review indicators and trends in injury involving infants, children and young people; to examine the current research into aspects of road safety affecting infants, children and young people; to explore projections for the future development of the road transport system and the likely impacts on the safety of infants, children and young people in all areas of road use and to consider possible future strategies for enhancing road safety for infants, children and young people, now and into the future.


The policy of the ACRS is to provide a medium for free expression of views and debate, within the traffic safety community, on a wide range of issues. In this instance the topic focussed on the road safety of infants, children and young people. The articles presented in these proceedings are the result of an invitation to members and non-members of the ACRS to submit papers and perspectives that they personally consider important on this issue. They do not necessarily represent the views of the college, nor have the papers been subjected to the College’s normal policy acceptance process and indeed, in some instances may be in conflict with ACRS policy. The articles represent the views of the authors alone. Similalry no attempt has been made to check accuracy of the material presented. The ACRS cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the content or opinions presented in the articles, nor does publication in these proceedings imply that the author’s opinion and any data contained in the articles are endorsed by the ACRS.