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ACRS 2013 Conference ‘A Safe System: The Road Safety Discussion’: Adelaide – Thurs 7 – Fri 8 Nov 2013 -  The Wrap!

The 2013 ACRS conference ‘A Safe System: The Road Safety Discussion‘ was held in Adelaide last week and attracted over 200 delegates, which made for an excellent networking and information sharing event in the lovely surrounds of Adelaide’s National Wine Centre.  Thanks go to the South Australian Police who organised a media call on the Thursday morning which enabled coverage of the conference and road safety issues across TV networks and on ABC radio.

In the words of ACRS President, Lauchlan McIntosh:

“The key consistent message from the conference was the importance of everyone taking every opportunity to communicate what they are doing in road safety to others. There was recognition and understanding that many feel constrained to comment publicly for a range of reasons, often related to their employment. There was recognition though that the media was very diverse and there were perhaps a range of non conventional avenues to help arouse interest by the community in the various evidence based solutions to reducing road trauma. Perhaps too often we overlooked the broader community as a target for our messages as we were so used to focussing on the victim and the villain, as Steve Jiggins Churchill Fellowship paper had told us. Everyone can be an advocate to the community in some way.

 Assoc Professor Daryl Wall, when reviewing the many successes through a range of road safety improvements over the last 40 years, noted that while we often recognised that 90-100,000 deaths had been avoided (as per the Hon Barry Cohen’s analysis) some 1 million disabling injuries had been avoided. Ian Johnstone had made a similar comment on our performance and our reduction target for the decade but noted the corollary, i.e. if we plan to reduce death and injury by 30% are we, the Australian community, comfortable with the fact that the remaining 60% will still die and be seriously injured. Ian commented that we may have exhausted behavioural solutions and should give more emphasis on infrastructure and vehicle improvements. Rephrasing our messages is necessary.

Daryl Wall’s presentation with his reports on the impacts of road trauma on hospitals encouraged a commitment on my part to help identify the real national costs of injuries, and broaden our partnership base with the health and medical professions.

In looking forward, the summary session by the three professors was very useful. Mary Lyndon reminded us that we needed more clarity on exactly what we mean by a “safe system”, Anne Williamson expressed the need for rigorous evaluation of new vehicle collision avoidance related technologies, while Narelle Haworth ( our well-deserved new Fellow) suggested we were in a transition to a very positive era of change with the move to assist the driver to reduce mistakes.

For my part, I was delighted with the contribution from so many, the organisation and the format.

The 3M-ACRS Diamond Road Safety Award wentto the BHPB Mitsubishi Alliance for a project which demonstrated how a company can take leadership in road safety; reducing traffic, improving road infrastructure in partnership with the workforce, local community and the government. The quality of the entrants for the Award was exceptional and demonstrated that there are many successful projects helping to reduce road trauma.

Outcomes from the Conference are to:

Many thanks to the conference convenor, Dr Jeremy Woolley and his team behind the conference who all put in many hours to success of the conference.

Lauchlan McIntosh AM
ACRS President


Conference Photos - All photos can be viewed and downloaded from the ACRS Flickr account here.



The best paper award for the conference was presented to Professor Raphael Grzebieta from Transport and Road Safety at the UNSW, for the joint paper with Lori Mooren and Soames Job entitled Speed – the biggest and most contested road killer.



Our sincere appreciation goes to our South Australian Chapter, and the team at the Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR), who were all ably guided by our 2013 conference convenor Dr Jeremy Woolley.  The Chapter Executive Committee and staff at CASR put in a huge effort to ensure the conference was such a success – thank you to everyone involved:



Conference papers, including speeches and keynote presentations are now available on the ACRS 2013 Conference Website.