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ACRS Fellowship Nominations 2021

The Australasian College of Road Safety first instituted the award of College Fellow in 1991 as a means of recognising significant contributions made by individuals to road safety. Nominees for a Fellowship Award must be current members of the College. The presentation of the 2021 ACRS Fellowship award will take place at the Australasian Road Safety Conference, 28-30 September 2021.

2019 ACRS Fellowship winner Professor Michael Regan, pictured with Mr Llew O’Brien, Federal Member for Wide Bay, QLD (L) and Mr Martin Small, ACRS President (R)


The 2020 ACRS Fellowship Nominations are NOW OPEN!

All nominations must be received in full by 5:00pm AEST on 1 September 2020.


The ACRS Fellowship is one of the highest honours that the College can bestow. It is seen as an unquestionable sign of excellence.

The Executive Committee of the College bestows Fellowships on the recommendation of its Fellowship Sub-Committee. Nominations must be made in accordance with the procedures detailed below.

The Fellowship Sub-Committee makes its decisions on the written evidence placed before it. It may sometimes be unable to recommend a candidate because it has insufficient or inadequate information to make a recommendation.


The nominee must have given evidence, over a period of at least five years, of excellence in the field or fields of road safety for which the recommendation is made, such that:

a) the nominee is acknowledged by colleagues and co-workers as outstanding by virtue of contributions to road safety rather than position;


b) the nominee’s contributions have been of such a nature that they have occasioned or noticeably contributed to substantial growth and improvement in an important institution or organisation, body of knowledge or aspect of thought and practice associated with road safety.

Nominees may be either a person engaged in research or a person who puts into practice the research findings of others but should be recognized nationally and/or internationally for their achievements.

Procedure for Nomination

Fellowships are awarded through a nomination procedure only. Nomination may be made by two Fellows or ACRS Members. All nominators should complete the online form.

Nominations are strictly confidential and must not be made known to the nominee. The person concerned should not be informed of their nomination until formally invited by the College President to become a Fellow.

Persons who are nominated for Fellowship should be currently practicing in the field of road safety. Only in exceptional circumstances should persons who are retired or on the point of retirement be nominated. If a person is making an outstanding contribution to road safety it is recognisable during their career and should be acknowledged at that time.


These guidelines make it clear that Fellowship is not viewed as a reward for service but rather for making a distinctive contribution to the advancement of road safety. Nor is it awarded for reaching a particular position or rank. Excellence can be found at different levels of responsibility and the criteria for Fellowship are applied in relation to the level of responsibility held by a possible candidate. The nominee will be judged relative to those of a similar status, and the contribution made is expected to be outstanding relative to his or her peers rather than in relation to those of either higher or lower status or responsibilities.

If you have any further questions regarding this award, please feel free to contact Claire Howe, CEO, Australasian College of Road Safety (Promoter) by email:

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