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ChairMr Eric Chalmers 0402 097 339
SecretaryMr Keith Wheatley 02 6242 9549
TreasurerMr Steve Lake 0404 054 847
MemberMr Eddie Wheeler 02 62581918
MemberFran Stanford 02 6207 1714
MemberJoanne Wilson Ridley0481 007 010
MemberMrs Claire HoweACRS Executive Officer


Latest Events:

ACRS ACT & Region Chapter Forum ‘Drug Driving’ seminars: 13 July 2016

The Video and presentations from the ACRS ACT & Region Drug Driving Forum are available to view as follows:

Download the  ACT Road Safety Forum 2016 Drug Driving Report here.




ACRS ACT & Region Chapter ‘Liver longer, drive safer’ seminars: 17 & 19 March 2014 - THE WRAP

Working in conjunction with the Council of the Ageing (COTA) and others organisers of the 2014 ACT Senior Citizens Week, the Chapter ran two identical seminars for senior drivers aimed at: providing information on driving for seniors; addressing any concerns they may have about driving; helping them monitor their driving; and answering questions about driving.

All presenters spoke with compassion about the issues which face older drivers without backing away from the serious aspects that needed to be addressed. Coincidentally, but not unexpectedly, each speaker reaffirmed the essential messages of the others.

Presenters recognised that to most people driving represents not only a means of transportation but a symbol of independence and self-reliance; and it can be crucial for performing shopping, attending appointments and for visiting family and friends. Older people who are mobile and drive may have fewer health problems. Driving one’s own vehicle is associated with higher levels of life satisfaction, less loneliness and better perceived control. Forfeiture of driving privileges is considered by older people to be a major loss in terms of social identification, control and independence.

Attendees took the opportunity to question the presenters at both sessions. While one seminar focussed on issues associated with medical and practical driving issues, some attendees at the other raised the question of alternative ways to maintain mobility. These mainly related to questions about the adequacy and frequency of weekday public transport for seniors without a car. Another proposed   that people should be encouraged to cycle earlier in life and continue in their older age.


Overall Conclusions


The Future


Download the presentations as follows:


Please download the Flyer for more information.  Also download the Council on the Ageing’s (COTA’s) Are you over 50 – Would you like to get out and about more? Flyer here.  This Flyer details COTA ACT’s FREE travel training program.


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