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ACRS is dedicated to informing our members and the public about the progress and results we have achieved.

Our 2020 Annual Report is now available to read and download!

2021 Annual Report

Since joining ACRS as Chief Executive Officer in May 2021 I have witnessed extraordinary efforts from our members in the road safety space, as well as sustained support for the College and its initiatives. Despite the difficulties that 2021 brought, ACRS celebrated a wide range of successes, and many of these were the result of increased engagement with our members. – Dr Ingrid Johnston, CEO

At the 2022 AGM, Key Policy Principles were adopted. This set of policy principles underpins the position taken by the ACRS on policy in road safety. They draw inspiration from good practice in the safest countries and the safest industries, are designed to provide an overview of our fundamental values and are the foundation of our advocacy work.

2020 Annual Report

We focused our input on Australia’s national strategy on a small number of major policy issues, equally able to be applied in New Zealand, and almost universally important across all countries. The 2020 Annual Report includes chapters reports, membership statistics, and other relevant information.

Main Focus:
• Ministers’ 2050 vision for the elimination of fatalities on the road extended to serious injuries
2030 targets to reduce fatal and serious injuries by 50%
• Publication in easily consumable form for the public of infrastructure safety star ratings for all road users
• Safety investment plans and budgets to achieve targeted improvements in safety star ratings
National Regulatory Impact Statement for lowering the speed limits for urban roads and for rural roads
• Keep pace with European vehicle safety regulation that encourages evidence-based driver-assistive technologies.

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